Software for Simulation and Analysis

Software Simulation and analysis for top performance

When developing race cars, efficiency is a must nowadays: The number of prototypes should be kept to a minimum, test time should be short, and costs as low as possible. AVL RACETECH offers appropriate solutions. With our extensive simulation tools, we are achieving a quantum leap in the development of high-performance components, systems and cars.


Fully-dynamic race simulation

AVL VSM™ RACE, AVL DRIVE™ RACE, AVL SIMBOOK™ RACE and AVL KINSOLVER™ RACE are the vehicle dynamics simulation toolchain for your unique racing applications. Each tool can be applied as a standalone solution, or as part of a fully integrated system.

Our in-house developed dynamic vehicle dynamics simulation, AVL VSM RACE, simulates and optimizes lap times – locally or in the cloud. The processing power is increased considerably by a cloud-based solution: Up to 100,000 laps can be simulated within a very short time, in order to determine the optimal set-up for a race car. AVL VSM RACE incorporates comprehensive models of the whole car and the environment. Every parameter can be varied automatically.


Automating data analysis

AVL DRIVE RACE automates data analysis – an important factor, given the high volume of data from cloud simulations. The software integrates and processes input from all conventional data acquisition systems. This allows conclusive comparisons between simulations and real car data.

AVL Simbook™ RACE

Visualizing results

AVL Simbook RACE visualizes the analyses acquired with AVL DRIVE RACE and helps the engineers at the racetrack to find optimal, real-time solutions for the set-up. The software can process more than 50,000 set-up variants and offers a multitude of presentation types. Car set-ups can be narrowed down and selected by specifying conditions, such as handling and stability, for every corner.

AVL Kinsolver™ RACE

Assessing impact

AVL Kinsolver RACE is a kinematics tool for chassis variants. It calculates how coordinate changes to the suspension affect lap time, handling and driving behavior. This is made possible by integrating software in the lap time simulation tool, AVL VSM RACE.


The multi-disciplinary simulation tool

AVL CRUISE M is the flexible solution for a wide range of applications to simulate the propulsion system of race cars. This includes analyses of the propulsion system concept, the design of subsystems, and the integration of virtual components. Furthermore, CRUISE M can also be used for Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) applications and run in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) and testbed environments. Thanks to the customized solver infrastructure, the software performs extremely quick calculations – far quicker than real time.


Optimized flow control

AVL FIRE M is a unique CFD simulation solution (computational fluid dynamics), with which we support the development of conventional and electrified propulsion systems. The software allows the precise calculation of single or multi-phase fluid flows and the associated thermal interactions. It can also accurately analyze aerodynamics, which are so important for race cars. In combination with our innovative embedded body method (EBM), the aerodynamic properties of the car design can be quickly and effectively optimized. Consistent propulsion predictions made by FIRE M are often the key factor behind faster lap times.


For durability and performance

Racing places extreme demands on material and design. As such, the durability of the drive unit is one of the most important success factors. With EXCITE, we offer an innovative simulation solution to calculate the durability and efficiency of all components in combustion engines, electric motors and transmissions. The numerical models for mechanical components, sliding and gear contacts, roller bearings and electromechanical coupling accurately reproduce the physical reality and make it possible to push the limits of durability with the design. The intuitive user interface, integrated workflows and an optimized solver make modelling easier and support efficient calculation and short project durations.


Testing and optimization software

Not only is it vital to optimize individual components, but also the entire system. AVL CAMEO 4™ is a powerful tool for this purpose – from data acquisition to automatic system optimization and parameter mapping. Furthermore, for electrified race cars, it is also possible to optimize the torque in electrical propulsion systems, improve model-based calibration of hybrid propulsion systems, and automatically perform inverter calibrations for electrical systems.


For rainwater management

Unsettled weather conditions are far from uncommon at racing events. With AVL’s PreonLab particle-based flow simulation, it is possible to incorporate difficult track conditions in calculations. Compared to conventional methods, PreonLab’s meshless CFD significantly reduces test times. High-performance visualizations and virtual wetting sensors provide detailed insights into everything that can happen when water and car meet.