Racing Batteries

Success with optimal electrical system performance

High performance, reliable robustness, low weight – batteries for motor racing must meet the highest demands. At the same time, the strain on the batteries, such as through high temperatures or mechanical forces continuously at play, are significantly higher than those encountered in production vehicles on the streets. This goes for low-voltage energy storage systems, as well as high-voltage batteries that feed the propulsion system. In order to improve your lap times, we find the right battery solutions for your requirements. And we are constantly optimizing the whole system, along with all cross-influences – either with real car data or sophisticated simulation models.

AVL Battery Innovation Center:

For electrifying motorsport

Our Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Graz allows us to develop and produce high-performance batteries for all kinds of electrified and fully-electric motorsport. We not only manufacture prototypes for the battery system – from the module and cell to the chassis – but also full small batches. In doing so, we take product quality and process reliability to a new level. Perfect for high-end applications and the specific demands of motorsport.